Burn XT Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

Burn XT Review

Jacked Factory produces Burn XT, a thermogenic fat burner and appetite suppressor. The business, which has been around since 2013, has made a name for itself as a prominent participant in the market for workout supplements.

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About Jacked Factory

The thermogenic fat burner Burn XT is produced by Jacked Factory. They feature a large selection of dietary supplements that are created to fully complement your fitness activities. Jacked Factory says it uses only products with a solid scientific foundation in the right amounts. Additionally, they assert that they don't utilize any synthetic colours or fillers.

Pre-workouts, fat burners, protein powders, greens, multivitamins, and more products are available at Jacked Factory. Overall, Jacked Factory is committed to making it easier for all athletes and lifters to achieve their objectives.

What Is Burn XT?

Jacked Factory produces Burn XT, a thermogenic fat burner and appetite suppressor. The business, which has been around since 2013, has made a name for itself as a prominent participant in the market for workout supplements.

Burn XT is a thermogenic fat-burning dietary supplement created to assist you in losing weight and achieving your desired body composition. The #1 best-selling weight loss product on Amazon, according to Jacked Factory, is Burn XT, the fastest-growing fat burner available. At the end of the day, Burn XT capsules are promoted as having the greatest fat-burning components to support your diet and exercise efforts and boost your outcomes.

How safe is Burn XT?

All of the components in Burn XT are usually regarded as being safe, thus it should be safe. There are always potential negative repercussions, of course. However, Burn XT doesn't include any substances or overdoses that would be intrinsically dangerous.


Burn XT only has five active components. Here is a summary of each substance and its recommended dose. The mentioned doses are per capsule, therefore serving sizes may differ from what is listed. Two capsules should be taken each day, according to Jacked Factory.


Catechins, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), found in green tea extract have been demonstrated to provide a thermogenic impact that allows the body to burn more calories. Additionally, this extract could encourage the breakdown of stored lipids into energy through a process known as fat oxidation.

Caffeine, which is present in green tea extract and activates the central nervous system and metabolism. Additionally, this raises fat burning, assisting in creating the daily calorie deficit required for fat reduction.


A naturally existing amino acid compound called acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are utilized as fuel. Additionally, ALCAR may improve exercise performance by boosting energy production and reducing workout tiredness. Making exercising more convenient may indirectly aid with weight loss.

ALCAR could possibly be advantageous for the brain. As a result, it could improve a person's ability to focus, remember things, and otherwise operate mentally.


A patented product of capsicum, the active component in chili peppers, is called Capsimax. Capsimax contains capsaicinoids, especially capsaicin, which are considered to be a portion of its fat-burning properties. Thermogenic characteristics of capsimax are widely established. There is evidence to support the idea that capsaicin promotes thermogenesis, which raises energy expenditure and may help in fat burning. It has been shown that capsaicin enhances lipolysis by promoting the breakdown of fatty acids from fat cells, allowing them to be utilised as an alternative source of power throughout workout.


Anhydrous caffeine is a concentrated type of caffeine that stimulates the brain and spinal cord and causes a thermogenic effect, increasing heart rate and increasing energy expenditure. The breakdown of fat reserves into energy, or lipolysis, may be aided by caffeine. By promoting the breakdown of fatty acids into the circulation, it does this.


Black pepper extract known as Bioperine is manufactured from the Piper nigrum the plant's fruit. It is widely used to increase the bioavailability as well as digestion of other ingredients in nutritional supplements. Though it fails to help you burn fat directly, it could increase how well the other elements in a Burn XT work.


Organic product Burn XT has components that have been well studied. As a result, it is thought to be secure for the general public. The 270 mg of caffeine in it, however, may cause unpleasant side effects in those who are caffeine sensitive. An energy drop, a rise in blood pressure, and sleep issues are possible side effects. It's possible for a few people to encounter small, often transient adverse effects from using Burn XT, such as upset stomach, belching, gas, which ends up and diarrhoea.

Factors Before Purchasing Burn XT

Before purchasing a product like this, there are a few things to think about, just as with any fat burner. This covers the cost, the amount of caffeine, the formulation as a whole, and your usual practices.


The Jacked Factory suggests ingesting two Burn XT pills along with some water.


People who are currently on a calorie-restricted diet and want to lose weight permanently can use Burn XT. They should also try to create a daily caloric deficit. To support their body transformation goals, they should also combine resistance and cardio training.


Before breakfast, first thing in the morning, is when Burn XT should be taken. You might opt to take two more capsules five to six hours later.


The official Jacked Factory website, Amazon, and a few other curated third-party shops all sell Burn XT.


It might be challenging to separate the top thermogenic fat burners from the rest given the competitive nature of the industry. Here are three Burn XT substitutes.

PHENQ A popular and effective weight-loss pill, PhenQ is made by Wolfson Berg Ltd. It contains a number of substances intended to boost energy, promote fat burning, and speed up metabolism.


PhenQ Review, This differentiates itself from rival diet pills by employing a multifaceted approach. These consist of enhancing energy, suppressing appetite, and burning fat. This is a thermogenic fat burner as well since it contains components like caffeine and capsicum extract that raise body temperature and promote fat burning by burning more calories.


PhenGold is a strong fat burner that was first created for both ladies and men to lose weight. Since then, it has grown in favor among fitness enthusiasts because to claims that it may enhance overall body composition, boost energy levels, and encourage fat burning.

Complex Diet Drops By BioSource

Strong hcg weight loss diet drops alternative known as BioSource Complex Drops was developed initially for both ladies and men who wanted to lose weight. Due to claims that it can enhance overall body composition, boost energy levels, and encourage fat burning and weight loss.


Individuals must decide if Burn XT is worthwhile. Based on my personal training experience and my use of other fat burner pills, I don't think Burn XT is worth the money because, in the best-case scenario, you can only lose a very little amount of fat, according to studies that Jacked Factory themselves approved.

Burn XT review: Final Words

We discovered in our review that Burn XT is a well-known thermogenic fat burner that claims to support weight reduction through boosted metabolism and hunger control. It distinguishes out because an impartial research study that provides an evaluation of its effectiveness is available. Unfortunately, this study only reveals a very slight weight decrease. Burn XT does not appear to have any notable appetite-suppressing properties either.

There are various fat burners on the market that provide additional processes for fat loss and offer a larger variety of ingredients supported by research at a lower cost. We suggests PhenQ, TrimTone, and complex drops as the three alternate products to Burn XT over the former.

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